Sunday, October 13, 2013


A very long day was had in Turin. Massimo, one of the Italian enthusiasts had arranged for us to have one of the museum trams for a run around the city between 2100 and 2300 hours, a very eventful couple of hours.  We had been travelling about 30 minutes when we came to a sudden halt where a pizza delivery motorbike and rider were lying in the track and we were stuck there until the police/ambulance arrived and cleared the scene, but not before a fellow pizza delivery driver arrived and took the pizzas from his box to get them delivered!.  It was decided to abort the tour and were taken various shortcuts through the city to get to the route 4 tram to our hotel, but not before another  sudden stop when two drunks fell into the track in front of our tram!

Route 4 at Scotellaro

Tourist circular trem 2759 at Castello

Route 13 at Castello

Route 15 at Sassy ready with all doors open

Route 3 at Pl Hermada terminus across the river

Track crossing at Hermada

Route 13 in the twilight before the museum tram ride

Tram 2592 arriving to pick us up for our evening ride

2592 at as photo stop

Controls of 2592

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