Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1940s Evening (2)

We continued our walk and sure enough the rumours were right. One of the new top secret short runway aircraft had landed. But where were the RAF?

We suspect that these two erks should have been guarding the aeroplane but that they had been distracted by a fifth columnist or even an enemy spy.
Finally we're not sure about this land girl. Something just doesn't seem quite right but no one else seems concerned.
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  1. Jason Bourne20/8/10 19:27

    Blimey Richard I hadn't realised that they were filming 'Little Britain' in wartime last weekend! Emily and Florence do look well! Is that a ferret up Emily's trouser leg or do I smell a rat?

  2. Did anyone notice that while almost everyone in that picture just enjoys themselves, one member is still at work seemingly supplying plastic cups for beverages? Thumps up for the team behind the bar!