Thursday, August 26, 2010

Johannesburg 60 etc

On Tuesday 60 was in the workshop alongside MET 331.

The broken glass has been removed from the two quarter light windows.
Leeds 399 and London United 159 seen from 60's balcony.
Blackpool & Fleetwood 2 is still at Crich.
I think it is going to Blackpool after the Bank Holiday weekend.
Rack 2 and 167 are going to Blackpool on 2nd or 3rd September. No double deckers are going. 60 was in service at Crich on 1st Sept - pictures to follow.Posted by Picasa


  1. Anonymous1/9/10 09:33

    Is there any more news on which other trams from the Museum will be going to Blackpool for the celebrations now that it looks unlikely that 60, 399 and 40 will now be making the journey ?

  2. 2, 167 and 273 are going and this was announced some time ago.

    All three of the trams are now in Blackpool, with 273 on commissioning/training runs and 2 and 167 touching down this morning (Friday 3rd) and will likely be commissioned over the weekend.

    All the latest info can be found on

    Hope this helps.


  3. On the official Crich Tramway Village blog ( is says "We can now confirm that the trams which we will be sending to Blackpool for their ‘Blackpool 125’ celebrations in September will be Oporto 273 which has already arrived in Blackpool, together with Blackpool Pantograph Car 167 and Blackpool “Toastrack” 2 both of which will leave for Blackpool shortly."
    Another Crich tram that will be making an appearance at Blackpool will be "Box" 40, already in Blackpool.
    Hope this answers your question He-who-refuses-to-be-named! lol