Monday, August 16, 2010

Last tram

Because of war-time restrictions the last tram ran at 9:00 pm on Saturday.

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  1. Herbert Morrison16/8/10 21:48

    Great pics of the event as usual Richard. It's shame that the tram crews atire is far too modern for the wartime theme. Surely the two gents pictured would have been on active service anyway and not driving trams? Was tram driving was a reserved occupation anywhere? Anyone exempt from 'call up' would have worn an 'On War Service' badge or arm band such as was issued by the railway companies.

  2. Motorman 62917/8/10 18:59

    As the driver in the picture, I am flattered that Mr Morrison considers me young enough for active service. However at 49, I am regrettably too old, and am continuing in my prewar occupation of pharmacist. My colleague is in a vital transport administration role in a nearby city. On the evening in question both of us were serving in a voluntary capacity outside our normal working hours, before taking up our ARP roles for the night.

  3. Excellent photos of the weekend!

    I've uploaded some video of it here: