Friday, August 20, 2010


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  1. Hello TMS!

    Who takes on the board saves the museum. But bad news for you, cause guess what! I know you’ll all be running around and it’ll all be very distracting but please stay still. I AM TALKING!

    Question of the hour: Who knows the board? Answer: I do.

    Come on, look at me commenting on a blog that should have been restricted years ago. No plan, no backup, not a single weapon and something else I don’t have…anything to lose.

    So if you're sat up there in your board room and you have any plans of continuing your disputes and arguments at the expense of the museum then just remember what is standing in your way. Remember every dark day and how close you are to the edge and then do the sensible thing… forget your differences or resign.

    And doesn’t that thought scare you.

  2. Nice pictures,
    Is peculiar that where british horsecars born, now modern trams come again.
    Best regards.