Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Big Red Tram and a wasp

I was duty 4 conductor yesterday. When I arrived I was pleased to see LT 1622 at Town End.
Sheffield 74 was also out despite the threats of heavy showers.
For my lunch reliefs I did 4 full trips on 1622. Whilst I ate my sandwiches 1622's own conductor was stung by a wasp so I did two more trips.
Finally the third tram was Blackpool 167 which is still at Crich.
The Museum can be found by searching for the post code DE4 5DP in Google Maps. The Museum is open and the trams operating from 10:00 until 17:00 every day until October 31st. 
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  1. Very impresive the Crich City Museum !, are there any online map to see all the installations, trams' time-tables ?

  2. Peter W. (aka Dr Mop)25/8/10 20:37

    And its still sore this evening (the sting that is), its in a bit of a troublesome spot! Back tomorrow for revenge!