Friday, August 27, 2010

Croydon works (2)

Graham Feakins writes "Here are the views of ongoing work just beyond the Church Street stop.
Now, here the trams are running whilst they are doing this work, which begs the question as to why there was the blockade (and why it was expected to last until the end of August). Having said that, it seems that the interlacing point rails have been replaced - yet again.
Note the clumsy turnout arrangement - distinctly uncontinental (apart from in Siberia, perhaps."

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  1. Anonymous27/8/10 09:59

    Some days ago, I saw in a rainny day at Barcelona the Trambaix line - at Montesa stop - sliding on the rails !
    The Cornella Ave it's so low at this stop that the tramway was stopped without oportunity if the water corrent - like a creek - didn't decrease.