Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ashton New Road and Manchester Road

Yesterday I walked from Clayton to Droylesden to see the new tramway under construction and then caught a bus back.

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  1. Geoff voish Mannin18/10/10 11:39

    Fascinating track layout in the fourth view. Presumably there will be tram-controlled traffic lights to keep road vehicles from blocking the junction - at least, I hope so!

  2. Many thanks for this, good photos.

    I biked down Manchester road yesterday, the road is certainly not bike friendly! I don't think you can ever mix the two forms of transport which is a shame. The difficult road surface plus the constant worry about a tram appearing behind you didnt lead to a pleasant ride.

    I hope you dont mind me adding one of your pics (with a link to this blog of course), to my blog at

    Once again, many thanks.