Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blackpool 167

Blackpool 167 suffered a failed motor bearing in Blackpool. The motor was repaired under warranty and delivered to Crich separately from the tram.

167 has now been lifted and the motor refitted. It is seen here being shunted under its own power last Tuesday.

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  1. Readers may also be interested to find out more about 167's overhaul, and the tram itself, on the new website for the TSO, which funded part of the tram's overhaul. The web address is, and to find 167 just navigate to it's page via Projects --> Current Projects --> Blackpool 167.

    Any comments, questions or problems with or about the website, please let me know (, as it's a brand new site that was only launched earlier this week so may have a few teething problems!