Friday, October 22, 2010

Sheffield 50

Stagecoach have painted one of Sheffield's trams in a cream and blue livery to commemorate the closure of the first generation tramway in October 1960.

This tram is in an advertising livery for East Midlands Trains, another Stagecoach company.Posted by Picasa


  1. The blue is wrong shade. Thank goodness the TMS was not involved in advising. Or perhaps we should - would have been correct then.

  2. I heard through the grapevine that a TMS member was involved. If true, how can the TMS have got it so wrong.

  3. A TMS member is not the same as the TMS. Only those people officially designated by the Board (such as staff operating the museum) represent the TMS and our wonderful museum.

    I know some TMS members who claim to be experts in this or that. Ex as in 'has been' and spert as in a 'drip under pressure'.

  4. Sam N Ellah23/10/10 15:53

    Can someone tell me what the correct shade is please. They may have got the correct shade but the effect of modern varnishes/paints can change the colour slightly as well as your memory. How bright the day is can also change how the colour looks. Look at the Sheffield trams at Crich and tell me they aren't/are the same shade. Mixing colours wasn't an exact science then.

  5. Jason Bourne23/10/10 18:10

    Who cares? Get a life, lose the anoraks and duffle bags you sad people! Nothing like endearing the enthusiast fraternity to a large public transport organisation like Stagecoach than being so small minded as to make snide comments regarding colour shades on a public forum when they could just as easily in the present economic climate chosen to ignore the 50th anniversary of the first generation tramway closure!
    There are obviously hidden agenda, point scoring and an element of tongue in cheek in the comments already posted, but hey who would have expected anything else on here?
    I suppose the only positive thing is that it's taken your small minds off Blackpool 125!

  6. Blue is always difficult. Amsterdam had blue on its trams. Specially the later (lighter) shade of blue was never constant. It started as a mid shade of blue, but after a while through bleaching in the sun it turned lighter, till you could distinguish at least a dozen different shades, depending how long it was since the last paint job.
    And who can remember such a subtle thing as colours after 50 years? Most people suffer from poor memories after 50 days as I experience regularly in my work.
    Indeed, lets enjoy this magnificent advertisement and stop picking on anything the TMS or its hard working members do. If you have enough energy to be very critical, roll up your sleeves and come and help at Crich.