Wednesday, July 27, 2011


From Rich Westman
"I was in Blackpool on Monday, and got a few photos including of the first Modified Balloon in service (720).  Attached are a selection.
A bit of news from Blackpool too.  Apparently the crews hate the new, automatic doors with a warning beep and a voice saying "Warning, Doors Opening/Closing", and they are so slow to open and close it's mucking up the timetable.
762 was in its new Nickelodeon Land (Pleasure Beach) vinyls.  632 made an appearance too, in the morning, but went away before I could get a photo."
Unmodified balloon 719.

Unmodified balloon 717.

Open boat 600.

Nickelodeon 762.

Modified balloon 720 with 600.


  1. Wonderful photos. I did not know that there are people so fond of trams.
    Did you manage to visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

  2. @Blackpool hotel deals: On this occasion I didn't, as my family and I decided it was far too busy that day! But we are planning to visit in September some time!