Monday, July 11, 2011

Annual Report

Whilst we were on holiday the Annual Report was published and I read some confusing and contradictory views about the Society's finances. Unlike many organisations these days the TMS has never been saddled with a debt mountain and all the Treasurers over the years are to be congratulated on that.
However the graph on page 15 shows that although the Society may have some money in the bank it is actually trading at a loss and the defecit is being made up by windfalls such donations and bequests.
My major concern is that whilst income from admissions, retail and catering is falling, the wage bill is rising from 59% of this income in 2010 to 63% in 2011 and from my limited observations as a volunter tram conductor, will rise again next year.


  1. Devil's advocate11/7/11 22:16

    Why is the wage bill so high and still rising when according to Mr.Wrights never ending stats. there's the equivalent of 28? full time volunteers on site everyday?

  2. Because the 28 volunteers everyday fact is rubbish?

  3. I am not happy with this very open public discussion about an internal matter of Crich in which a Board member is publicly burnd at a stake.
    We have two other forums to have such discussions, the best one being the special TMS forum which is closed to non-members:
    or the Yahoo group;
    This does not imply that I disagree with the contents of the messages, au contraire, but they should be expressed at a different location. What is now happening is the sort of thing the NotW and the SUN were very good at: burning people down publicly. Than again: also part of British culture. Let's hope it stays in Britain.

  4. A brief amendment on the TMS forum. The TMS forum is open to everyone but with three levels:

    OPEN: Here everyone can read and post without the need to register, even anonymous contributions are possible.

    REGISTERED: Here registered forum members (!) can write, everyone else can just read. They get a better structure in return.

    TMS MEMBER: Only TMS members can register for this section, for reading and writing access. This section is only accessible if you have registered and logged in.

    The Yahoo group is open to everyone but registration is necessary making internal discussion on there equally public.

    I totally agree with Wim that this is an internal matter of the TMS and should be discussed among those who have a say in the matter only, but not publicly on the internet.