Sunday, July 24, 2011


At yesterday's AGM Colin Heaton, Chairman of the Tramway Museum Society, deplored some of the things that happen in the online social media. I agree with him wholeheartedly. Colin said that staff could be disciplined for posting on the net and that perhaps we will have to say "sorry you are not welcome" to members who insist on character assassination.
Please take this into account when posting comments to this blog. When you press the send key your words will be published to the whole wide world - not just to your mates. The spam filters look for words like Viagra and I will always correct errors or delete individual posts that are brought to my notice but that is after the event.
Unless comments become more restrained and objective I suspect that the next action will be for the messenger to be shot.

Interestingly this blog is looked at by more people than voted in yesterday's election so it would be a shame to loose it. Last week there was an average of 233 unique visits per day and an average 516 page views per day (whatever that means).

Thanks for your co-operation.
Richard Lomas


  1. A S a TMS member of 21years24/7/11 18:16

    Keep up the good work Richard.

  2. Edward Thomas27/7/11 00:23

    As a regular reader of your blog Richard I agree it would indeed "be a shame to lose it" but it is disingenuous of you to imply you are an innocent party in the publication of the frequently libellous and vindictive comments that appear. It is your blog, and you are responsible for its content. Please for everyone's sake tread carefully