Saturday, July 23, 2011

TMS election results

Andrew Pendleton 105 votes
Karen Rigg 152 votes
Nick Sturgess 137 votes
Richard Sykes 168 votes
Malcolm Wright 155 votes

Congratulations to Nick. Andrew you are still a young man so don't give up. I was very disappointed that very few young members attended the AGM. I suspect they have decided that the future lies elsewhere.


  1. Aaron Johansson23/7/11 19:09

    IU'd like to point out why myself and jonathan were not at the AGM. I've only just started a new job and working long hours which means i can't attend crich things as much as i want to and Jonathan has a family and is working all the hours he can get to support his family. Saying that they think the futre lies else where is wrong. If i don't work i can't come to crich and support crich so unfortunatley work comes first and i do support crich with a lot of voluntry work being done having done nearly every weekend for the last 9 years.

    Rant over and I will be doing more work for the museum later tonight.

  2. And just to add why I was not at the AGM. I have other interests outside of Crich and have to split my time around them. Whilst I would have liked to have been at the AGM, I instead was in North Wales completing the practice expedition for my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, the qualifier for which is next week. As part of this award I have been volunteering at the Museum, as well as at the tramway at Beamish. Add onto this my climbing, watersports, music etc and there's not all that much time to do anything and as much as I would like to do.

    I still think that Crich has a future, however the outcome of the election does disappoint me greatly. Nonetheless, I will still be giving my time to Crich, though maybe not as much as I would like due to the above, my ML and SPA training and impending University time, and have no intention of jumping ship. But I do see faults that *have* to change for the good of the future of the Museum - Beamish last week was a real eye opener. End of ramble!


  3. Id like to add why i couldnt attend the AGM.
    Being a young member, i decided that playing on my PS3 was much more fun instead !
    Do you know, while the board was electing new members who wont change a single thing, i myself was completing Resident Evil 5!!!
    Sorry you didnt get on Andrew, all i,ll say is that you are guilty by association. Congratulations to the rest of you.
    Id like to think that you will maybe change things, but sadly, the board needs a good shake up before the museum will be allowed to move onto the next level.

  4. PJ and Duncan23/7/11 22:43

    We would like to add why we couldnt attend the AGM. Anthony was a little poorly today and we both had to attend a promo shoot for the upcoming series of Celebrity get me out of here.
    It was funny, i threw a rubber snake on Anthonys head while they were taking a picture, he screamed like a reet girl!! anyway, we were doing that until 1,0,clock and were hoping to get to the Elections when suddenly our agent called and said we had to go to a byker grove reunion for its upcoming anniversary so we couldnt fit it into today.
    We are genuinly sorry we couldnt make it today, we have heard we missed a belter of a meeting !!! While you lot were nailbiting at the results we were chinwagging with "spuggy " and Billy Fane who played Geoff. Congrats Nick, we didnt see that one coming like !! Howay the lads !!

  5. I was unable to attend the AGM as I too have other hobbies. I was bellringing up near Blackburn, an area which I haven't rung in before, with the rest of my family. I was at Crich conducting on Wednesday and Thursday last week (the latter by direct request of the rosters clerk as we were short a conductor), was away Fri/Sat/Sun, and am conducting again tomorrow! So I have not decided the future lies elsewhere, I will be remaining with the Museum so long as there is scope for change and I enjoy it.