Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Questions for Candidates

Perhaps in the future a day will be set aside when Members can meet candidates for election to the Board and ask them for their views and ideas before deciding how to cast their votes. All we have at the moment are very short statements that have been so thoroughly vetted by by the Thought Police as to be meaningless.
I have read these statements and thought what would my first question be if I was able to speak to the candidate.

Andrew Pendleton.
Hello Andrew you say that the Museum "needs candidates with the energy and vigour to tackle difficult issues head-on". Would you like to mention a couple of today's difficult issues and how you would like to see them resolved?

Karen Rigg
Hello Karen you say that "it is essential for paid employees and volunteers to work together". Would you give an unequivocal guarantee that in any future disciplinary situation, volunteers will be accorded the same rights as employees enjoy by statute?

Nick Sturgess
Hello Nick. I believe that in an other forum you have advocated the appointment of a Museum Director as a matter of great urgency. Is this still the case?

Richard Sykes
Hello Richard you say that "I would continue to work for Members' interests". I think that the Museum is skewed in favour of employees at present. Could you give a couple of examples of how you would advance Members' interests?

Malcolm Wright
Hello Malcolm you boast that "I have increased my support to the Museum to around 150 days a year". Yes but what are you actually going to do in the future?

Finally If any of the candidates want to use this blog to canvass their ideas I will be happy to publish them. Unedited!


  1. Jerome "chef" McElroy15/7/11 00:16

    A good article Richard,i too have some questions.

    Andrew Pendleton.
    Greetings Andrew you say that the Museum "needs candidates with the energy and vigour to tackle difficult issues head on"Are you just a younger version of what we have already? what will you bring to the board that we havnt got? and i wont mention any names, but another candidate laughed at the number of days you attended last year and boasted he worked more days than you have had hot dinners,how do you respond to this?

    Karen Rigg.
    Hello Karen .I have been made aware that not all the staff actually know who you are,do you agree this is a problem? and finally im not in a position to mention paticular names but a fellow candidate was overheard boasting that he worked considerably more days than you last year,does this encourage you to better his....er,i mean,said persons efforts??

    Nick Sturgess.
    Hello Nick......NEXT !!

    Richard Sykes.
    Another candidate has been boasting of working more days than you during the year,will you be upping your efforts if you are succesfull or are you going to let him win again? Failure isnt an option Richard.

    Malcolm Wright.
    Now then now then Malcolm,you boast that "i have increased my support to the museum to around 150 days a year". Yes but what about the other 225 days that we need you ???? Your not only letting yourself down but more importantly the society!!

  2. the silent majority15/7/11 00:46

    What he said ^^^^

  3. Which of Mr Wright's friends are you two?