Friday, July 15, 2011

Poor old 1297

I thought the idea of the exhibition hall was to display the trams as they would have been seen in the streets over the decades. OK so moaning about loudspeakers on the roof is a bit nit picking (joe public wouldn't notice) but I can't recall ever seeing a Glasgow tram displaying flat screen videos. I don't think they had been invented in 1962.
Please, please, please don't deface 264 and have a little more respect for all the trams you are supposedly conserving. 

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  1. David Holt17/7/11 09:28

    Don't dumb down Joe Public. Visitors to, and users of, the Museum represent a very wide range of interests, including serious students of transport and social history. All of those needs have to be recognised, respected and catered for in a way which can only be accomplished by clued-up enthusiasts like ourselves.