Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tommy Thompson

I had a very enjoyable day as Jo'burg 60's conductor yesterday. The Museum was quiet so there was time to talk to visitors. One young man told his teacher that Crich is better than Alton Towers. I had to concede to a French guy that they were better at building new tramways than we are and I met a man from Manchester who remembered going to school on Salford trams but had never seen Manchester 765 in Heaton Park. He promised to go one weekend soon. Finally here is a picture to sum up my day. Ken Morgan and his wife who had finally come to see the Museum that he had heard so much about from his friend Tommy Thompson. (For younger readers Tommy used to travel up regularly from London and is a former President).
The other tram in service was Glasgow 22 and Berlin 3006 made one trip.

I have now found a picture of Tommy during his 1994/5 presidency. I don't remember the reason for the champagne but I recognise Matthew Paris, Tommy Thompson and Geoffrey Claydon.


  1. The following song is to be performed to the tune of 'Bread of Heaven'

    There’s a bloke we can’t stand any longer
    Always on his bloody blog
    Every time they do something worthwhile
    He starts moaning on the blog

    First he moaned
    About the white vans
    Took photos and sent them home
    Upset staff and publicly slandered

    Got banned from the library on his own

    Richard Lomas,
    Richard Lomas,
    He can stick it up his arse (up his arse)
    He can bugger off and leave alone!

  2. At least have the basic human decency to use your name 'Earl' instead of being a coward as well as an imbecile.

  3. Hugh Becks18/7/11 07:52

    In the interests of balance perhaps Earl can come up with a similar ditty which makes mention of Mr Wrong and some of the other Board Members. As Rob says, at least have the decency to use your name Earl