Thursday, July 21, 2011

AGM reminder

Don't forget that the Tramway Museum Society's AGM will be held on Saturday, 23rd July. I hope to attend and ask a couple of questions.

  • At the informal morning meeting I intend to ask about the future use of trolley reversers. I find handling bamboo canes quite difficult and I have to decide whether to continue as a tram conductor into my 70s or to retire this year.  
  • The trolley reverser at Town End is waiting for routine maintenance and should be in use later this week. The trolley reverser at Glory Mine has not yet been commissioned. This requires input from both engineering and traffic staff to agree a formal method of use. It is now planned to include this in next winter's work program on the overhead line. It was agreed that on the balance of probabilities it should be in use next year and it is worth my while renewing my conductors licence.
  • At the AGM I intend to ask about the composition of Central Standing Committees and how I should pursue my ambition of serving for a few years on the Collections Management Committee. 
  • There are six such committes and their composition varies from completely open and democratic to completely closed and autocratic. I am drafting a report of the AGM for The Journal and will include a brief overview of each. Sadly the Collections Management Committe is completely closed and membership is by invitation only. Applications are not accepted from TMS members. I still think this goes against the spirit of an Equal Opportunities Policy and will continue to campaign to get the rules changed.


  1. Mike Conroy-Hargreaves22/7/11 22:21

    I hope you don't retire because of trolley reversers. Crewing a tram is teamwork and both driver and conductor should be comfortable with their vehicle. Ideally trolley reversers should be working, however if not hopefully you and your driver would not choose a tram that requires the bamboo pole, or if it to be, then your driver will happily agree to swing the pole for you. The museum cannot afford to lose volunteers and we need to work together so the museum can prosper in the 21st century.

  2. John Appleton24/7/11 10:37

    On the basis of laziness and authenticity I would like to see both reversers working. Particularly as it attracts a lot of interest from visitors. However I am certainly not going to select trams purely on the basis of whether they use the reversers or not. I would add that as a driver on busy days I usually turn the pole at Glory Mine anyway.

  3. I remember on Edwardian Weekend the crew of Blackpool 166 (which included a recently elected Board Member!) had to get an Inspector to turn the pole as they were both too short! Now wouldn't that have been easier if the reverser was in use? As deficient in height myself I can see their problem. But, Health and Safety first! And I can usually run away upstairs at GM as a conductor so, as John says, the driver turns the pole. Will be a very interesting sight for all if/when 166 uses the reversers!