Monday, December 13, 2010

Berlin 3006 and Yahoo

Here are a couple of pictures taken in Berlin in 1983. I hope when 3006 next receives workshop attention that it is painted in this livery and made as authentic of the DDR as possible. Perhaps Cristoph could get a Zahl Box for it - I saw one in the DDR Museum in Berlin last summer.

The unofficial Yahoo group continues to generate ideas for restructuring the Museum's organisation. The unanswered question is how to bring this about.

Advising members not to vote for "Mr WRONG" won't achieve anything - the members won't listen.
Questions need to be asked. Failures need to be identified. TMS members need to be made aware of individual board member's shortcomings and their failure to work together as a governing body.

More important is a powerful vision of the future. Fifty years ago the one thing that united all the disparate groups was the determination to build an operating tramway when conventional wisdom said that this was impossible. After a few months of uncoordinated muddling through, Merlyn Bacon was appointed Site Manager to build this tramway and everyone working at Crich accepted his authority. This was not an elected post. Merlyn achieved his ambition by working with the volunteers of all shapes and sizes, deploying Yorkshire common sense and keeping the committee at arms length. Without him there would be no tramway museum at Crich today.
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  1. Honestly, this behaviour is cringeworthy, what a bunch of amateurs. Why are you all behaving like a trade union? You're not even shareholders either. Instead you heckle and strut like prodigal sons. You're all no different from volunteers in a charity shop, so stop ranting on like you're something special and are somehow overdue some kind of OTT recognition just for forking out the membership fee and prancing about dressed up. Get a life.

  2. Charles Grey13/12/10 21:32

    you ask for a listing of Mr Wrong's incompetance, here's my contribution:

    - insisting that it's up to the board to manage, and the members should leave them to it.

    Mr Wrong hates members having a say, and has been heard to say as much. He thinks he knows best, despite the fact that he's achieved nothing in thirty years.

  3. Richard you've hit the nail on the head! What is needed is a good measure of northern common sense. Not fussed whether it's from Lancashire or Yorkshire as long as there's no interference from places down south like Cheshire Haha! Seriously though it's a shame that all these museums that start out with good intentions and a strong dedicated volunteer group seem to end up becoming another business. Is it a British thing that red tape takes over so that a truly voluntary body can't survive.

  4. Mr Wrong has achieved nothing in thirty years? Definately wrong Mr.Grey because he has done something. He's destroyed everything he's touched!

    He's known to wander into restricted building sites with no safety equipment to take personal photos because 'he's a board member' and believes that is a good excuse for incompetance.

  5. Charles Grey16/12/10 19:47

    Just by way of interest Richard - how many visitors do you get to this blog?