Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Board Selection Process

I find the process of vetting potential candidates for Board membership rather insulting. I submitted a completed nomination form and a statement of 100 words as requested. I received the following acknowledgement.
"I would confirm that I have received your nomination papers and they seem acceptable although I am not happy with your biographical details and may amend them. This will not however affect the validity of your nomination."
I don't think that the information that candidates provide for the benefit of Members should be altered in any way and I have asked that my details are not changed.

I then received the following request.
"Thank you for your nomination paper which I am now processing. As mentioned on the briefing note which accompanied the forms, in order to ensure that the full skills needs of the Board are fulfilled, the Board will consider the nominations received and may recommend to members how the vacancies are filled.
In order to do this the Board needs knowledge of the candidates standing for election and it is proposed that all candidates, who are not existing Board members, be invited to attend an interview with the Board."

I decided not to attend the interview for two reasons.
1. The interview panel consists of the entire Board and presumably Presidents and Vice-Presidents. I would find this very intimidating.
2. Board members seeking re-election and spouses of other candidates will be part of the interview panel.

I have submitted a brief CV and would be happy to provide any relevant information on a one to one basis or in writing.

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