Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nomination for Tramway Museum Society Board Membership

I have agreed to be nominated for Board Membership and here are the details I submitted. I would be happy to publish similar details for other candidates.

The Tramway Museum Society

Statement by Richard Lomas

  • After celebrating 50 years of Crich we need to spend the next five years building the foundation for the next 50.
  • Corporate governance and management systems date back to 1962 and no longer work
  • Stick to core business and contract out services such cleaning and catering to specialist contractors.
  • The relationship between employees and volunteers is a concern needing to be clarified, rationalised and improved.
  • I personally have worked as a volunteer for 3 years in the Library and I want to build on that and the recent capital investment to develop the Library’s potential.

    12th May 2009
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  1. Good for you Richard, I wish you every success.