Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crich50 - coffee

Kath and I arrived at 11:15 and were quickly given ID badges for the day. We then walked slowly down to Town End chatting to various people on the way.
1. This picture shows the sheer size of 131's low-loader.
2. At 11:59 we went to the Workshop Gallery for coffee and were greeted by this welcoming young man.
3. I understand that there were more than 100 guests and I had an interesting chat to a representative from Cardiff buses - one of the few remaining council owned bus fleets.
4. I glanced over the edge to see a familiar face in the real world.Posted by Picasa


  1. Mike Crabtree22/5/09 11:05

    The Heavy Haulage rig provided by Scott's is only about 3 months old. It is primarily for use when moving giant silos, tanks, and large fabrications. The next day it was to start moving a huge fabricated framework from Widnes to London.

    This rig was also used the previous week to transport the Cardiff Horse Car 21 from South Wales to Crich the previous week.

    The rig was in its shortend version at Crich as it has a modular deck, the loading well is capable of being extended to an astonishing 60 Mtrs.

    The rear bogie is computer linked to the driver's steering controls so that it will react to the steering when going round corners, also there is a hand held radio control pad that will enable a rear steersman to steer the back bogie when manouvering in tight spaces and when reversing.

    Finally the rear bogie framework incorporates a powerful winch, again remotely controlled by hand held key pad that not only hauls the tram on to the trailer but also acts as a braking device when unloading

    Technology has come a very long way since Elliott's Scammell DKY 462 was hauling tram bodies to Crich 50 years ago!

    Mike Crabtree

  2. Mike Crabtree22/5/09 11:30


    Richard please correct my previous message it should be 20 mtrs in the bed of Scotts lorry Not 60 mtrs as I put in my previous message

    Mike Crabtree