Wednesday, May 13, 2009

50 Years On

I visited the Museum briefly this morning to see an old friend who was an active member in the 1960s.
1. It's just a week now until the first of the Crich50 celebrations.
2 & 3. Mike Crabtree sent me these two 1959 pictures. They were taken by Mr G Warnes of Doncaster on 31st January 1959. Geoff Warnes came with Merlyn Bacon on the day of the original inspection by the TMS Ctte and others of Crich Quarry. I am hoping to meet Geoff at Crich next week.
4. 50 years and 2 months later on 31st March 2009 (but looking in the opposite direction).
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  1. Geoff Pickles13/5/09 14:17

    Thanks for the great '31/1/59' photos. I wasn't there on the day, although my first visit (aged 13!) was only a few months later, by which time 131 and 399 were parked at Town End. In photo #3, I recognize Maurice O'Connor with his foot on the side of the wagon, and is that Keith Terry with his back to camera? It could be Major Charles Walker whose face is obscured - who are the others? I am much honoured to have received the President's invitation to attend Crich 50 - sadly, bcause of prior commitments, I shall be unable to do so. Perhaps later this year!