Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crich50 - a memorable day

I joined the Tramway Museum Society in May 1959. Perhaps it was fifty years ago to the day. Kath and I both enjoyed the event and send our thanks to all concerned with organising it. We plan to be at Crich again on Sunday and to publish yet more pictures.
Sheffield 189 and Cardiff 131 with the big lorry leaving in the background. Whilst 131, was the first tram at Crich, the need to find a permanent home for 189 was an important factor in the decision to establish the Tramway Museum at Crich.
(More pictures including the workshop can be found on the official web site . The guests were divided into groups and the workshop was at the end of our group's agenda and we simply ran out of time.) Posted by Picasa

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  1. Anonymous23/5/09 18:35

    can i ask where the workshop staff are on any of the pictures ?? were the people responsible for 131 not at the event or were they not invited ? i know some of the workshop staff and want to congratulate them , unfortunatly i wasnt able to attend the event , but am disapointed to not see them enjoying the day .