Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mystery picture

What? Who? Where?
Unfair Dismissal
I am also very sorry to report that my initial appeal against unfair dismissal as a volunteer in the Library was not sucessful. I understand that under the provisions of the 'Grievance Procedure for Working Members of the Tramway Museum Society', I can make one final appeal to the Board of Management. This I have done and I understand that they will set up a panel of three Board members to consider this appeal.
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  1. Gordon Bulmer6/5/09 16:54

    Hello Richard,
    I am disappointed with your news regadring your dismissal as a volunteer.
    I am ashamed that my society treats its volunteers in such a shabby manner.
    It leaves me wondering if I should continue as a member of such a society, but it is a decision not to be rushed.
    I hope this will not affect the contents of your blog, I really look forward to your regular updates of what is happening in our museum. It is far superior to the news on the TMS website.

  2. 131.
    Peter Bird?
    Going to Wakebridge.

  3. Christoph Heuer6/5/09 18:52

    Hi Richard,

    Here are my answers:

    Car in foreground:

    What? Cardiff 131
    Who? Yourself behind the camera
    Where? Waiting at Cliffside staff post northbound.

    Car in background:

    What? Glasgow 812
    Who? Ken Green at the controls
    Where? Travelling southbound between Cabin crossing and Cliffside staff post.

    (Is it Cliffside or Cliffeside with "e" in it?)

    Kind regards