Monday, May 25, 2009

Procession 5

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  1. Christoph Heuer25/5/09 20:40

    Hi Richard,

    nice to be able to share the procession thanks to your pictures. May I suggest to alter the sequence? Either swap the complete entries so that Procession 1 will be at the top and Procession 5 at the bottom. Then readers will see the correct sequence when scrolling down. If you swap the pictures in each entry readers will see the correct sequence when scrolling up.

    Kind regards


  2. What was the modern ice cream van doing in the street?

  3. Gary Conn26/5/09 15:43

    Probably selling Ice Cream, is that not what do they normally do?

  4. Yes the ice cream was very nice. The serious issue was the modern vehicle parked in the street during an historic event. Apart from being in the way from a photographers perspective, there were safety issues of visitors standing in the road to avoid it.