Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grievance Procedure

My final appeal against unfair dismissal will be held under the Grievance Procedure for Working Members of the Society (section 2.1 paragraphs g and h).

" g) On receipt of such notice of appeal, the Board will arrange for a panel of three persons drawn from membership of the Board, who for this purpose may also include a Vice-President, to enquire into the appeal. Neither the Head of Department (if he is a Board Member) nor any Board Member may be a member of the appeals panel if he has been previously involved at any stage in the circumstances giving rise to the grievance."

" h) The appeals panel will inquire into the issue as soon as possible and the member will be given an opportunity to state his case. The appeals panel will submit their findings and recommendations to the Board in writing and the Board will thereafter reach a decision on the issue in light of the submission, which decision will be reported in writing to the member. The Board's decision will be final."

Tuesday 2nd June
I received a letter from the secretary of the appeal panel stating that the panel are currently making arrangements to have a preliminary meeting. Once this has taken place the panel will be in touch with me again.
However the composition of the panel does not appear to be in compliance with the Grievance Procedure.

Monday 8th June
A compliant panel has now been formed. I am waiting to hear from its secretary when I will ask for details of the procedure and timescales.

Friday 10th June
I received a letter from the panel secretary today suggesting a date for the hearing. I have replied asking for details of the procedure to be followed and asking for a pre-meeting to confirm the rules and for some specific assurances. I will now be on holiday until 5th July.

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