Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa Special (2)

Rich Westman took these pictures and sent this report.
"The Santa Specials at Crich were a great success. Even though the weather was against us, we still managed to put on a show! Santa's Grotto went down a treat with young and old alike, all leaving with smiles: even the little ones whose first thought was to hide from the man in the red suit! Credit must go to all who dressed up for it, and especially to the Events Team for organising it with minimal budget. There are ideas in the pipeline to make next years' even better, but there is one thing that would do wonders for the event: more people volunteering to dress up! Those, including myself, who dressed up had a wonderful time: the atmosphere was fantastic and everyone was having great fun. When dressed up at an event like this you don't feel stupid, because there are others looking as silly (or even sillier!) than yourself. If you have a free weekend next December, please consider letting your hair down, having loads of fun, and dressing up!

The visitors all had a great time; no-one left the Grotto today without a smile on their face. And, to get Leeds 180 running on both days was just the icing on the cake. A lot of visitors were overjoyed at it running, even though just a short distance (Red Lion to Quarry Approach). On Saturday I was the conductor (in costume!) on it, and there were a few people who came on almost every trip because they enjoyed it so much. But, it was only possible due to the combined efforts of the Workshop, Traffic and Events Departments. So, if everyone pulls together then everyone can have a fantastic time, both volunteers and visitors alike!"

The cast of characters are:
Sean Croshaw as the Green Elf
Rich Westman as the Red Elf
Lynda Wright as the Purple Elf (not in photos)
John Stainburn as Santa
Adrian Roberts as the Panto Dame (whichever one it is in Jack and the Beanstalk!)
Tracey Reader as Mrs Claus

Regards, and best wishes for the Christmas season.

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  1. Who was "Wrong" in organising this? Who said that the Workshop and the Operations Dpt could not work together? Who suggested that all this was a waist of money and effort? Nothing less than the most sincere thank you to the few people at the museum who did so well. And credits to the Board for going through with this, despite the flak of criticism in this blog. Mr. Wrong was very Wright after all!

  2. Eric Morcambe20/12/10 20:57

    Good grief please spare us! Looks like a flamin' freak show! Enough to scare any child half to death and put 'em off Christmas for life! Is this the best we can manage?
    How much has this pantomime cost the TMS and What is the net profit? Probably a wacking great loss as usual that will be brushed under the magic carpet by Widow Twanky! Watch out he's behind you! Oh yes he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rich Westman21/12/10 13:56

    @Eric: There was more to the Specials than this, but as I was helping run it I did not have much chance to take photos! If you have any ideas about how to make it better for next year, then please, let the Events Team know. As I said in my report above, there are plans and ideas in the pipeline to get it much better next year!
    If you have done nothing to help the event, then you cannot criticise those who worked really hard this month to get it to the success it was.
    And, as far as I am aware, the event cost us very little, as most of the stuff used this year was used when Santa Specials were part of the events calendar about five years ago. But, you cannot tell that the stuff is from many years ago! Tell you what; come next year to the Santa Specials and compare it to this years' offering. I bet you didn't even come to the Museum over the weekend, yet you have the cheek to criticise those of us who worked hard and dressed up looking silly and freezing cold for the sake of the Museum. Do you have any idea how disheartening and crushing your comment is to us? I suspect not.
    Without people willing to do this sort of thing, the Museum would cease to exist. So, instead of cruel criticism, try constructive criticism. Tell us what you think could/should be improved, and it will be discussed by the Events Team and taken on board, and probably implemented! Email me at and I will pass your comments and ideas on to the Events Team.

    @Wim, many thanks for your comment. Mr Wright spent most of the weekend driving Leeds 180 for the visitors, and we would have struggled without him. He does not deserve the attack he is getting over this blog, so thank you for supporting him.

  4. I support everybody who is working his or her guts out to help run this museum. I am sick and tired of all the negative comments on this blog.
    To my opinion, some of the criticism is an excellent example of internet vandalism.
    I am not always happy with what's going on, but at least I respect my fellow members, certainly the ones who are stupid enough to stand for a Board function. I do that in my professional capacity as railway inspector and I do it in my hobbies.
    I see a clear similarity when people get attacked in a train. There are hundred bystanders doing nothing and with luck only one or two helping the victim (as I did when a train guard was attacked by jobs).
    It is the same on this blog. And it is a bloody shame that such a platform is provided by someone who helped to build this museum. Unbelievable.

  5. What else was going on? There was a panto and a tram going between the red lion and quarry approach. Hardly big

    Not suprised they were letting everyone in for free, which has been buried with that they had to once refund people! So no profit can have been made, if anything a huge loss when all other costs are considered!

    Unsuprisingly Mr Wrong appears to have spent his time driving, doing his normal of nothing for the event that is useful. Others can easily do that job. This has happened since the 70s

    Other places do it better. Why bother wasting money

    Don't vote for him this coming year!