Sunday, August 21, 2011

A letter from the Chairman

'A letter to Society members and employees - Journal matters' signed by the Chairman of The Tramway Museum Society has appeared on the traffic office noticeboard. It explains why I was dismissed as Assistant Journal Editor. Presumably he had to go to this trouble because the Hon Sec forgot to include this news in the last issue of Contact.
A simple statement would have sufficed. For example "The Assistant Journal Editor has been dismissed for failing to comply with instructions from on high. The Board hopes he will enjoy more time with his family."
Finally it would have been a courtesy to have been sent a copy of the letter, which mentions my name 5 times, rather than waiting for me to find it. 

I will reply to Wim's and Hugh's comments in detail tomorrow. I did tell the Editor that I could not sign the document as written. I would have been (and still am) willing to explain my reservations to any member of the Board. If we could not then have reached agreement at least I could have been afforded a dignified farewell.


  1. Richard, I have read the letter as well. It is a sensible letter given what happened elsewhere. I am reverring to the liability disaster with the 6024 Society. As a result they lost their court case and lost their most precious asset, 6024. It is prudent of the Board to take preventive actions. I have warned you that your blog sometimes seem to be an open forum for slander. This is not acceptable from anyone, let alone someone who holds a position within the TMS. This has got nothing to do with Board censorship: the Board is responsible for the Journal. The Journal is not an outside publication. You could have signed the letter without any problems as the editor did. You refused to do so. Your dismissal became inevitable. If I would have been on the Board, I would have done the same.

  2. Having today received and read the letter from the Chairman it might help if you were to explain your reasons for not acknowledging the
    three letters that were sent to you, including a recorded delivery letter. Any one connected with TMs is aware of all that you have done for Crich over the years,but I can only agree with Wim Beukencamp's comments. Sadly, by your actions you left the Board no choice but to do what they have done. In addition, your blog seems to have attracted those who appear to have a personal axe to grind against the Board/Board Members, and as Wim pointed out, it does seem to be an open forum for slander as a result.